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So here we were again, parked at Camp New Horizons. Turned out that all the brake fluid had leaked out of the RV brake system. The fitting that connected the solid brake lines (running from the actuator to the axle) to the flex line (running to the brake mechanism) was leaking. This was one of the new fittings that was being used (but not any longer after this). All the fittings were replaced with the ‘old reliable’ and we haven’t had a problem since.

One of the shortcomings of our equipment became apparent. I had found a combination Cargo Carrier and Bike Rake on the internet and had it shipped to New Horizons, to be waiting for us once we arrived. It fitted into the hitch at the rear of the RV and I thought we were all set. After the trip to South Dakota and back, the cargo carrier and bike rack were a wreck. There was so much vibration in the connections that the brackets on the cargo carrier were bent. I sent off a very angry e-mail to the supplier and they sent me a new bolt for the bike rack to carrier mounting, but that did little to solve the main problem. Drew (the new owner trainer) brought over one of the wizards from the frame shop who looked at it and said "no problem, I can weld the bike carrier to the cargo carrier, add struts to the cargo carrier to stabilize the bike carrier column and add a riser to the mount to raise the cargo carrier as it appears to have been dragging". You just gotta love the guys in the factory, who see a problem and solve it.

Since we were at one place for a few days, we shipped our Wifi Ranger to the support team at Wifi Ranger for them to troubleshoot. It worked fine for them (of course) so they shipped it back with the steps to download a Windows configuration tool (not available on Mac) to set up the settings while connected to a PC, after which it worked like a charm and has been rock steady ever since. I also had the guys at NH install a roof mounted antenna for the Verizon Air Card and run the feed to the Utility Cupboard and the Wifi Ranger. This really improved the signal for the air card.

Also, after a week of living in the RV, Lynn was not happy with the recliners. She had liked the ones in the ‘show’ unit that we had seen during the factory visit. We discussed the problem with Karen who said, ‘Well, I just so happen to have that style of recliner that another customer didn’t like and we had given them the new style chairs. We can just swap those out with you’. Everybody happy!

While we were at Camp NH, we went on another sightseeing trip, to Abilene KS and the Greyhound Hall of Fame, right across the street from the Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Museum (we saved that for another trip). Robbie and Abby wanted to go to the Hall of Fame, so when we voted, it was 4 to 2 (they cheated and raised both front paws).


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