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We had been offered the use of an RV site in an upscale RV Village in the Rio Grand Valley for January through April. We had a lot of planning to do, so for after the rally, we decided to stay an extra week, for some R&R and planning. It was at this time, that we decided to change our M.O. and started a regime of only driving 200 to 250 miles per day, and then trying to stay at least 2 to 3 days at each stop. We were supposed to be enjoying this lifestyle and the multiple long driving days one after the other were not enjoyable.
We were still having the occasional problem with the PrecisionTemp Hot Water Heater, with the water temperature fluctuating. I spent some time on the phone with the manufacturer and tried various fixes. After some experimentation, we determined that the mid-cycle temperature reading was incorrect. They had issues with a batch of thermisters (a device that measures temperature for input to a circuit board) that had been used with the mid-cycle temperature reading. They sent me a new one in the mail and after replacing, the unit has been functioning perfectly.

We also wanted to celebrate our 30th anniversary, but weren’t quite sure what to do. A week at Disney World was one of the ideas. Another was spending a week in New Orleans and the French Quarter. We knew that in a few years, we would be spending some time at Disney World anyway with ‘new granddaughter’. So 2 ideas sort of coalesced into a plan, an adult vacation in New Orleans on the way to the Rio Grande Valley. San Antonio was also another destination that we had on our list, so that got added into the mix.

One of the suggestions we received was to join the Escapees RV Club. Not only do they provide useful services for full time RVers, but also operate a variety of RV parks around the country that provide different types of RV parking options. On the way to the Rio Grande Valley, we would pass by 2 of their parks, one in Alabama and one in Texas.

So our route planning started to take shape.






Bushnell, FL


Talahassee, FL



Tallahassee, FL


Summerdate, AL



Summerdate, AL


New Orleans, LA



New Orleans, LA


Duscon, LA



Duscon, LA


Livingston, TX



Livingston, TX


Schulenburg, TX



Schulenburg, TX


San Antonio, TX



San Antonio, TX


Mission, TX



IMG_0711The Big Oak RV Park in Tallahassee had exactly that. In the central common area of the park was a 400 year old oak tree. The driveway into the park was a bit steep and we dragged on the way in and out, but then, that is what the rear rollers on the frame are for. There were some nice things about the park and some disappointments. People leashed their dogs to their RV’s and left them. Some barked incessantly as you walked by. It was extremely disconcerting as Robbie and Abby reacted badly. The pad was all gravel and uneven, both front to back and side to side. Once leveled, the rear PS side tire was off the ground. The large concrete patio was also causing problems, trying to get RV high enough so that stairs could open properly. I ended up buying a 12’ treated 1x8 to cut into 12” pads to put under tires.

We did take the opportunity to do some shopping at a Burlington Coat Factory near by, getting some needed bed sheets.

Summerdale Alabama Rainbow Plantation was our first Escapee RV Park where we planned to stay a week. The park is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so it was about a hour drive to get to the main drag with grocery shopping and restaurants. It was our first time going to an Escapee Park. Since it is not a commercial venture, there are no signs pointing the way, so you really have to know where you are going. The park was really nice, big wide sites with lots of room for walking the dogs.

IMG_0727IMG_0744We spent one afternoon taking a driving tour of the area along to Mobile Bay. You can always tell the summer tourist areas, lots of restaurants, no parking, narrow roads and big summer homes. We took a walk along the beach with R & A, who did not show the slightest interest in the water, but did want to chase the seagulls. We stopped in a small town, Foley AL, for a rest stop, for both us and the dogs. Downtown has a small railway museum with various cars and a locomotive in the town square.

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