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I am sure there is a reference to Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz that I could make, but I will restrain myself, and besides, Robby and Abby look nothing like Toto.

IMG_0559 The house was empty and ready to be occupied by the new tenants the next day. All of our worldly possessions were loaded into a U-haul trailer and ready for the trek across America.It was time to go.Trip Map Number 2
Planning this trip was a bit of a challenge as we had to make sure that Robby and Abby would be welcomed at the motel, and also asking for first floor rooms close to an outside exit. There are a number of ways to find pet friendly motels as there are a number of pet web sites and specialize in travel information.
Dog was especially helpful, but you always have to call ahead first to confirm if there are any breed or weight limits.

The first ‘real’ stop along I90 was going to be Utility Bodywerks in Elkhart Indiana, where I had put down a deposit on a Kelderman Air Bag Rear Suspension.It was going to take us two overnight stops to get to Elkhart. The way things worked out, we arrived in Elkhart at the start of the Labor Day weekend, so we would have lots of time to lounge around and site-see before getting down to business. There was a nice large field beside the motel for us to walk Robbie and Abby, so everyone was happy.

Elkhart is a stones throw from South Bend, and that weekend was a Notre Dame home game, so the motel was packed with football fans. It was not a good night for the ‘fighting Irish’ as there was a power failure at the stadium during a thunderstorm and the stadium had to be evacuated, and in the end, the home team lost.

IMG_0566So Monday afternoon (Labor Day so everything was closed), I met the owner of Utility Bodywerks at their plant to drop of the F450 so they could start on it first thing Tuesday morning. The install was going to take a day and rather than just driving me back to the motel, they were kind enough to lend me the company’s SUV to use. Good thing too. It turned out that the supplier had sent them the wrong bolt kit so we ended up having to stay a few extra days, but hey, I was retired, so what the heck. Having the company SUV was a godsend as it meant that we weren’t tied to the motel. It gave us a chance to do some site seeing in Elkhart. There is a marvelous River Walk in downtown Elkhart that was a great place to walk the dogs and see some sites. The city of Elkhart, in celebrating their heritage, had sponsored a ‘IMG_0579IMG_0574Elk’ contest, getting artists to decorate ‘elks’ along various themes:

Elkhart/Goshen is big in the RV industry, so there was
‘RV Elk’
Night at the Theatre Elk
Music Harrmony Elk


Once we were on the road again, it was off to Junction City. We just made sure that in our trip planning, we did not plan to get too close to Chicago. One more night on the road and we were there.

The Motel 6 in Junction City was probably the most disappointing for the trip, its only advantage was ‘pet friendly’ and just down the street from the New Horizons factory, but then again, we were only there for 2 nights as we were able to move into our RV right away. So it was late Sunday afternoon that we checked into the Motel 6, unhitched the trailer and went off to the factory to see our new home. Now Cole at the plant had told us that it would be sitting outside the plant doors, just to the left of the office. When we got there, there was a brand new RV sitting where we expected to find one, but.

As you will have seen in our pictures, the F450 Beast is white and tan two-tone, so when we ordered the New Horizons Majestic, we picked a color scheme to match the truck, a mostly white RV with light and dark tan accents. The RV sitting our ‘spot’ was a matching light tan with dark tan and cranberry accents. A call to Cole, who was as incredulous as we were, confirmed it was indeed, our RV sitting outside the plant door.


So here we are standing there looking at our new RV, and standing there, and standing there and finally deciding that we liked this color scheme better than the one we had picked out originally. We decided that it looked more regal and majestic. We called Cole back and told him not to ‘sweat it’ and we would talk Monday morning. <see picture at top of page>


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