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So in between the unpacking sessions, Drew (the new owner trainer( luckily no whip)) would come over and start reviewing all of the bits n pieces in the RV. I took a recommendation from one of the RV blogs on new owner orientations and video taped all of the sessions. The president of New Horizons, Phil Brokenicky, asked if I would edit the video and make it available for other owners so you can find the results of our orientation on the New Horizons Youtube channel.

So while parked at the factory, we made sure that all of the 12v and 120v electrical systems worked, refrigerator, furnaces and air conditioners functioned. The Trojan L16RE-B batteries that I had requested were still on order, as was the ‘golf cart battery watering system’. I love this setup, it takes me about 2 minutes to top up all 4 batteries, from sitting down in front of the storage bay door to pouring the unused water back into the jug.

Part of this time was spent double checking all of the options or customized extras that we had ordered:

  • ethernet cabling from the utility cabinet to the: entertainment center, bedroom closet (for the printer) and bedroom dresser top. I was the first person to ever request an rig to be pre-wired with ethernet cable. “IMHO, wireless is nice, but will never be as fast as copper.” I have learned that since then, a number of rigs have been ordered with ethernet pre-wired. It took a while to get the bugs out of the install, but the wiring guys learned a lot.
  • A/C power and sliding tray in the bedroom closet for the printer
  • 740 amp hour battery bank (Trojan 16RE-Bs)
  • 400 watts of solar panels wired in series/parallel to the solar controller (to minimize voltage drop), along with #4 welding cable for the run from the panels to the solar controller.
  • Max Signal Cell Phone Booster for RV’s
  • Raised Toilet. Now this may seem funny, but again, this is one of the advantages of dealing directly with the factory. When we were ordering the rig, we had asked about the availability of an ADA height compliant toilet. As there were none, Cole simply said, ‘no problem, we can just put the toilet on a riser platform’. And so problem solved, we old folks no longer have to crack our knees to sit down and get up from the toilet.
  • On Demand Hot Water (I love this thing, no worries about running out of hot water, especially after several loads of laundry)
  • Reenforced struts on the bed platform (a Tempurpedic mattress is heavier than most)

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