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Trying to find a spot for everything was quite the challenge. You would think that it would be very straight forward, kitchen stuff in the kitchen, clothes in the bedroom, etc.

Where to put the clothes that we wouldn’t need that often, like winter clothes, parkas. The whole point of the lifestyle was to avoid such weather, but one must be prepared, especially when there is a new granddaughter living in Canada. You never know when you might have to travel north. In order to save space for the trip to Kansas, we had acquired a number of space bag cubes to put all our clothes in, which just happened to be the exact height to fit under the bed (The mattress in the RV sits on a wooden box and the platform has hydraulic struts to lift the bed, providing storage under the bed). So problem solved, pack the cubes and suck the air out.

IMG_1619IMG_1621The Pantry comes with 4 full slide out drawers. When you look at food stuffs, there are lots of short items (spices, cookies, foil and saran rolls) and tall items (bottles, boxes) and lots in between. As the shelves are adjustable, I organized the items with tall stuff in the top drawer and short stuff at the bottom, which gave us room to add 3 more drawers spaced evenly for the rest of it. That is perhaps one of the advantages of dealing directly with the factory and a manufacturer that does their own woodwork. We had the 3 new drawers with their finished cherry wood the next day. 'Rocky' was given the duty of guarding the pantry, as well as our sunglasses and my hat. We had found 'Rocky the Rooster' on a trip through Vermont and he had a place of honour in our newly renovated kitchen back in Massachusetts. We brought him with us as we knew that our new kitchen would need a protector as well.

New Horizons was also amenable to ad hoc requests, like the utility cabinet. On the shelf above the RV controls (solar, tank levels, slides, hot water heater,etc) are mounted the internet/computer electronics, wifi router, external hard drive, etc. There was a lot of unused space above all of the electronics, so I said, make me a shelf for above the electronics, and presto, storage space for paper goods, which if they fall off the high shelf and hit you, won’t leave a bruise.

IMG_1623IMG_1624Then of course there were the more obscure items, like my ship models and our Florida Swamp Trolls. This is where RVers learn to love velcro. My ‘1805 Swift Boat’ and the Swamp Trolls are sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets, held in place with velcro. In the 18 months so far, they have never moved. The hull of my HMS Victory was another matter, almost 3 feet long, finding a place to put it was another matter. It is still under construction, so the height is not an issue, yet. The crown moldings at the top of the fridge make a nice little ‘bay’ in the slide top, the perfect place to put a blanket to coddle the boat hull.

IMG_1625The Majestic has lots of basement storage, so tools boxes, BBQ, lawn chairs are not a problem. On one of our test outings, we went to the CAT scales at the local truck stop and realized that we needed to shed some weight before we set off. Luckily there is a storage place about a 2 minute drive from the factory and we rented a small storage locker to stash things that we knew we would not need right away and could pick up on another trip through Junction City.


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