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On the Road to Livingston Texas

Trip Map 2012 Ontario to Livingston TXAfter a quick trip back to Junction City for a bit of repair, it was back on our way to Livingston TX for our volunteer stint at the Escapee’s CARE Center. Our first stop on the way was at Guthrie OK, just north of Oklahoma City.

There was an unfortunate incident between Abby and the dog next door. As Lynn describes it:

We had parked and the slides were deployed. I went to the truck to get the dogs so that they could go inside the trailer and have a drink. As we came around to the door, the dog belonging to the rig next door came bounding out of their rig and charged at our two. They reacted immediately and before I could even react myself, Robbie and Abby pulled me over and my face hit broken concrete. I was bleeding profusely and everyone was very concerned and rushed to help. Stuart grabbed the dogs and put them in the trailer. After some discussion it was decided I should go to the local ER as it looked as if I would need stitches. The local Hospital was close by and the ER was quiet. They cleaned the wound and put in four sutures. I was also given a CT scan to make sure no hidden damage has occurred. Everything looked fine and within an hour we were on our way back home. In the meantime the people who owned to dog that charged us, had hurriedly hitched up and left. Wether they were asked to leave or thought we might sue we’ll never know, we just left the following morning and headed for Denton TX. Within a month the bruising had gone as had most of the swelling.

(Webmaster’s note:Lynn would not allow any pictures to be taken as she did not want the rest of the world to see how she looked).

Escapee Care Center, Livingston TX

Our next real stop was the Escapees Care Center where we were volunteering for the month of October. The Care Center is a marvelous place for RVers to recover from or deal with health issues. IMG_1496As a volunteer, you help staff in the kitchen and dining room, drive residents to appointments and outings and provide nighttime and weekend coverage. During our one month stay, we worked with 4 other volunteer teams who took ‘caring’ to the next level, helping each other with kitchen and dining room tasks, minimizing the impact of equipment idiosyncrasies and staff shortages. Our group came from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all had the attitude of doing whatever was necessary to make the residents feel like family and get the job done.

The most interesting aspect of October was the semi-annual garage sale, or should I say garage sale that should have been semi-annually. For a number of reasons, the spring sale was not held and the volume of items to be sorted, stacked and organized was unusually large. The garage sale is run by the volunteers plus a few Escapee RV Park residents who volunteer their time. Over the 6 days of set-up and sale, we all took care of our regularly scheduled duties plus put in another 6-8 hours a day working on the garage sale. To say the least, we were all very happy to see it finish. The mantra of the week was ‘If it moves, sell something to it. If it doesn’t move, sell it.”

The RV park has a fenced dog run where we let Robbie and Abby chase each other and work off some energy. The day before we were slated to leave, Abby just stopped running and we thought she was done for the day. It wasn’t until we got back to the rig that we noticed the blood. According to the Vet, she had stepped hard, on something very sharp, and it sliced into one to her toes practically all the way through and it had to be amputated as there was no way to save it. We had to change the dressing every second day, and by about the 10th day, she was walking and trotting normally while wearing her ‘bootie’ over the dressing. Her vet here in Mission will have the task of taking out the stitches.

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After Livingston, we had a one night stopover in Schulenburg on our way to San Antonio to conduct a bit of business. Schulenburg has a marvelous meat market and across the street, a German Bakery. So we stocked up on some ‘grilling meat’ and apple strudel and set off down the road to San Antonio. Finally on November 6th, we arrived in Mission at Retama Village, and met up with old (from last year) friends.


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