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Upon leaving Ypsilanti, we stayed at the Port Huron KOA, just west of the city on I69.

Excerpt from our review posted on ‘RV Park Review’;

“If you have children, this is the perfect campground for you. The activities at the Sawmill City Amusement park will keep your kids busy and exhausted by the end of the day. On Weekends, the place is packed, so reservations well ahead are a must. You really need to keep to the 5mph speed limit as there are a multitude of kids speeding along on bicycles and they spring up from every which way, and turn right in front of you.”

This RV park was selected because of its proximity to our route of I69 to Port Huron and crossing into Canada at Sarnia Ontario, not for the amusement park, but it was a great park none the less. There were 2 enclosed dog runs for Robbie and Abby to run off some energy. The RV park had its own Ice Cream Parlor, what more could you ask for!


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