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We decided to stay at the San Antonio KOA again. We enjoyed the park last December, taking nice long walks with Robbie and Abby on the city biking/walking trail that runs along the creek beside the park. It was also very handy for getting to downtown, with a city bus stopping right outside the park entrance. As it turned out, the campground had recently added an enclosed dog run, so now R & A could chase each other to their hearts content. A good chase in the morning and they were ready to nap the day away.And with out new bikes in tow, we were able to explore the bike trails in both directions and get some good exercise ourselves.

Not that we had planned it that way, but it was Fiesta time in San Antonio, a week of parties and events and eating and more parties. Besides the DDD dives, there was also a restaurant in Market Square that was recommended to us, Mi Tierra Cafe. Our visit to the square coincided with a Fiesta event, so we notched 2 on our belt in one trip downtown.

Now that I was rolling over my 401k to an IRA and needed to start finding some investments, we decided to seek some professional help. One of the benefits of being a Bank of America retiree, there were a number of resources at Merrill Lynch that we could call on for advice. Now the ML offices in San Antonio happened to be located not too far from a DDD recommendation, the Magnolia Pancake Haus, so rather than using the phone support option, we made an appointment to see someone at the office and of course, afterwards, go for lunch. Another 2 notches on our todo list in one trip!


Fiesta was by far the biggest event during our stay in San Antonio. It is an annual spring celebration for the city.

IMG_1160IMG_1177We attended the Opening Ceremony at Alamo Plaza on Thursday, April 19.

After the dogs had their dinner and evening constitutional, we caught the city bus right outside of the San Antonio KOA that takes us right downtown and to Alamo Plaza. We got there just before the ceremonies started IMG_1159There were many in attendance in traditional garb and some in very untraditional Fiesta garb.

There are a number of events, like the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, for which you need to buy tickets in advance. Since we had not preplanned for Fiesta, we were out of luck.

IMG_1163A couple of evenings later, we went to ‘A Taste of New Orleans’ at the Sunken Garden Theater in Brackenridge Park. If we ever do this again, we will certainly not take the Beast, but take the bus to downtown and then transfer to a second bus to take us to the park. With so many people and cars trying to find parking, it was a real challenge to find a spot for something so long and wide. The event certainly was IMG_1165very interesting, however really too many people in too small a venue, to stand in long lines for overpriced food. The only really ‘memorable’ event was Lynn having to prove she was of drinking age (note the bracelet on here arm).

A couple of evenings later, we attend ‘A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA) at Lavalitta in downtown. It was a good thing these events were spaced out during the week, as I don’t think we would have survived going out every night, we are not as young as we used to be.


IMG_1172IMG_1168As I mentioned, we hit two marks on one trip, Market Square and Mi Tierra Cafe with the ‘Fiesta de los Reyes at Market Square’, another excuse to walk around town with a drink in your hand. Lots of music and street vendors. Lynn managed to find some unique

Brazilian jewelry as a birthday present for Carla (daughter in law). We also managed to uphold our San Antonio tradition of leaving food at bus stop benches, water the trip before and some lovely deserts from Mi Tierra on this trip.

Business and Pleasure
As I mentioned, our trip to Merrill Lynch was punctuated with lunch at the Magnolia Pancake Haus . As it turned out, it was one of several trips to the ML offices as various rollover checks needed to be deposited into my rollover IRA. It was on one of this trips and we really had to suck in our breath to fit the Beast into the parking lot, with only inches to spare, having removed the CB antenna from the roof.

IMG_0181IMG_0174Lunch was indeed a treat. I had a ordinary waffle, but Lynn ordered the Authentic Munchener Apfel Pfannekuchen (pronounced fan-e-koo-ken). As the web site states: ‘This is the real deal translated from Oma’s own cookbook and adapted to our kitchens. Granny Smith Apples, zesty cinnamon and secret spices all combine to create a puffed pancake that is an authentic taste of Bavaria. Served with powdered sugar and European style whipped cream’.

The pictures document Lynn’s triumph of eating the whole thing.



IMG_0182Another trip to Merrill Lynch gave us the opportunity to visit another DDD restaurant, Dough, an award winning restaurant serving authentic Napoletana pizza. They use a wood burning brick oven pizza that cooks at 800℉

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