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During the drive here, there was a bit of a commotion in the back seat and Robbie had let out quite a yelp as it seemed that Abby had stepped on his leg. When we disembarked at the campground, he was limping. As the afternoon progressed, it became obvious that he was also in some pain. We took him to a local vet, who after taking some x-rays, seemed to think that Robbie had a fracture in one of the bones of his knee. He fired off an e-mail to a orthopedic specialist in Colorado Springs with the x-rays attached and told us that we should hear back from either him or the orthopedic specialist in the morning. Armed with some pain killers, we went back home, using the ramp from the truck to get him up the steps into the rig. I stayed up with him through the night in the living room as he could not make it up the stairs to the bedroom. Around 4am, Lynn took over.

Early the next morning, the Colorado Springs vet’s office called and we had an immediate appointment to see a specialist. Packing Robbie back into the truck was a chore and off we went with the GPS guiding us along the way down the mountain to Colorado Springs. With more x-rays in hand, the conclusion was thankfully not a fracture.

According to this vet, there were to possibilities:

-there was a shadow on his knee joint that he could not explain. It might be a tumor that when Abby stepped on his leg, aggravated it to the point of causing pain

Robbie's Right Rear Knee-or, the mere act of Abby stepping on his leg muscle caused so much trauma to the muscle, which was causing the pain.

To see a good image of the x-ray, you will need to click on it. The blue line indicates where the first vet thought there was a fracture. The red circle and line indicate the shadow in the joint that was the cause of concern.

He said that his operating schedule was completely booked for the afternoon, but he would squeeze Robbie in as best as he could at the end of his schedule, to do a biopsy of the shadow. Around 6pm, they phoned to say that Robbie was going under sedation for the procedure, and a bit later, the surgeon phoned, Robbie was awake and doing fine. He had got some good samples that we was sending to twp pathologists, but it would take a few days before he would have any results back.

To say the least, it was a tense period. We picked Robbie up the next morning and came home armed with a mess of pills, antibiotics, pain killers and anti-inflammatories. We had a regime of 15 pills a day. One of the pills had a bitter taste and also a history of causing aggressive behavior changes in some dogs. I guess after a few days, Robbie got sick and tired of us shoving peanut butter, cream cheese, salmon treats and other things wrapped around pills and took a bite out of my finger. Very unlike him. We stopped the pills and just let him be. He was starting to walk more normally and eat again. His other bodily functions were also returning to normal.

In the end, the biopsies came back negative. We still don’t know the real cause of the pain, but he is back to normal and I have the scars to prove it.


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