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After a month in Woodland Park, it was time to pack up again and start heading north for our national parks tour; Yellowstone, Flaming Gorge, Grand Tetons and others.

It was a fairly easy drive down the mountain from Woodland Park to I25. Even with the rig, it was not much different from all the other times we drove the route. The F550 handled it with ease. Once on I25, the traffic was constant, with the expected slowdown due to construction at the academy. ‘Streets and Trip’ had an interesting route planned for us, to bypass Denver and get on E470 East around the city. We got off I25 at Interquest Parkway on the north side of Colorado Springs and then onto CO 83, which then took us northward to meet up with E470 at the city of Parker.

On the plus side, taking CO 83 certainly took us away from the hustle and bustle of I25 and was certainly a less travelled route. There was some traffic near Colorado Springs as there were some very pricy homes and subdivisions on the northern boundary of the city. Nice rolling hills and no idiots on the road to contend with. On the down side, with it being just a two lane road, there were not many places to turn off and let the parade building up behind, pass us by. The rolling hills meant many ‘Do Not Pass’ stretches of road. As we got into Parker, there were traffic lights to contend with, but still, a lot less nerve wracking then the drivers who frequent I25. Once back on I25 at the north side of Denver, it was back to traffic, all driving frantically to get somewhere, and whizzing past us, but then it petered out at we got closer to the Wyoming border. Four months later, a bill finally arrived from the E470 Toll Road people. Some $52 to get around Denver, but on the other hand, it was a lot less nerve wracking than having to deal with the congestion through Denver.


IMG_2259IMG_2251Once in Cheyenne, we spent an afternoon walking about the Depot Plaza and visiting the rail museum commemorating Union Pacific’s transcontinental railroad. With the demise of passenger travel, the old downtown train depot was donated to the city and converted into a rail museum and visitor’s center. Just like Elkhart IN had painted statues of elk scattered around Elkhart and Goshen, there are 19 ‘boots’ scattered around town, 8’ tall and decorated by various artists. Here is Lynn beside the 'Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary Milestones' Boot.


IMG_2258IMG_2263There are 5 boots in and around the Cheyenne Depot Plaza;

Governors of Wyoming

Downtown Cheyenne

Milestones (Chamber’s 100th Anniversary)

Where the Deer and Antelope Play 'Cards' (left)

Don’t Feed the Animals (right).


IMG_2264IMG_2266The Patriotic Boot was supposedly located at Gunslinger Square a couple of blocks from the depot, but it seemed to have gone ‘walking’. We did find Gunslinger Square, where 5 days a week, gunfights are re-enacted in front of an old town stage, but unfortunately, there was no lead flying on the Sunday.


IMG_2275IMG_2269Down the street from the depot is Holiday Park, with one of the eight remaining ‘Big Boy’ steam engines built specifically for hauling heaving loads over the mountains. They are among the largest steam engines ever built. It was really, really big, and very hard to fit into a picture. There was also the ‘Outlaws of Wyoming’ boot in the park, but it must have been at the other end of the park, as we did not see it.

Probably the best time to visit Cheyenne is during Frontier Days in July, but I would imagine that accommodations are much more expensive.


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