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From Ogden to Idaho Falls was a nice, uneventful 3 hour drive with a bit of a tail wind (finally). We had scheduled a mail drop before leaving Ogden, so there was a welcome mail packet waiting for us.

The insurance renewal for the F450 came up at about the same time as we were going to be taking possession of the new F550 (mid May), so we renewed and paid for the F450 policy as Good Sam had said that there would not be any problem insuring the F550. Well, when we picked up the F550, I phoned Good Sam to switch the coverage and then they came back and said ‘Oh no, we can’t insure the F550 under your personal policy, we need to switch you to the commercial division. But we can’t transfer the policy, so you will need to take out and pay for a new policy in the commercial division.‘ So I cancelled the F450 policy renewal and finally two months later, a refund check from GMAC finally arrived! A trip to the bank tomorrow.

The other needed delivery were the replacement fan parts which were delivered on Tuesday, the day after we arrived.

It was shaping up to be a busy time at Snake River.

Tuesday: Some time ago, I had bought some big wall mount hooks at Home Depot to hang up the various water hoses that we are carrying, so that I am not continually shifting them around to get to the food storage bins. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get them installed. The steel box girders that form the ceiling of the basement provided the perfect place to mount hooks for hoses. I had some self tapping screws that I thought would make the job a snap. That steel was so hard, it took 10 minutes just to drill a pilot hole for the self tapping screws. A job that I expect to take 15 minutes, took 2 hours, but the results were well worth the effort. The hoses hang oh so nicely, right beside the wall of the propane compartment, out of the way but readily accessible.

The next task was to go to bank and deposit that GMAC check. At least the fates were with us in that there was a Bank of America branch in Idaho Falls, which was not the case with a number of states which we were going to be visiting.

The next task for Tuesday was to replace Dometic fans in the rear stack of fridge with those that arrived from the RV Cooling Unit Warehouse. The new fans were 1 ” wider than the old ones, so I needed to drill a new hole for the mounting screws on the metal flange that held the fans. The fans were also twice as thick as the original, so the fan blades were considerable larger than the original Dometic OEM fans and moved a lot more air. The OEM electrical connectors were not reusable, so it was a case of adding blade connectors to the wires to plug in the new fans, and presto magic, 2 new fans in the rear stack of the fridge. The temperature got back to normal, and even with the 90 degree days, the new fans kept the fridge at the desired temperature.

IMG_2489IMG_2510A digression about Snake River Campground and Idaho Falls. A lot of RVers only stop here overnight, but they were missing a nice destination. There were a couple of good restaurants within walking distance and the cheapest diesel in town just down the street from the park. The best part of Idaho Falls was the downtown river walk, lots of people just strolling or biking. What they need to do is get some restaurants/pubs/grills with outside gardens to open on or along the river walk. Downtown itself is in need of some renovation and rejuvenation, dull and boring. Sunday afternoon, it was deserted, but the river walk was alive. One of the projects to spruce up the downtown area was the ‘park bench’ project. Artists were given free rein to design parking benches that were then distributed around downtown and along the River Walk. Some were whimsical and others in tune with their location, like this bench outside of the music hall.


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