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South Fork

After Durango, it was time to head east and challenge Wolf Creek Pass. The west side of the pass features several switchbacks and a long, steep grade, with two runaway ramps (on the westbound side). There are two lanes each direction, making slow traffic not a concern. Milepost 159 features an unusual bridge which takes US 160 over a notch in the mountain side. Heading eastbound, one has an impressive view of it for a couple miles. There are also many pullouts to take in the scenic view of the valley below, but none big enough that we could pull in and stop. The Ford 6.7L diesel and 6 speed transmission got a real workout on the uphill trek, and the brakes and transmission on the downhill side. The ‘tow haul’ mode worked well, keeping us in control all the way down.

South Fork is a very little town, living off of the hiking, fishing and hunting tourists. It rained on and off for 2 days, but the days and nights were pleasant and no air conditioning. A quick visit to the local post office to mail stuff to granddaughter and then the town grocery/hardware/garden/outdoor sporting goods store for some screws, to re-attach the wooden panel that goes on the front of laundry hamper door.

IMG_3222The RV park was located at the eastern side of town, close to the highway, but set back and down to the rivers edge. This being the headwaters of the Rio Grande, Lynn thought we should just put the RV on a barge and drift down river to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and get off at Mission.



Colorado City

Colorado City was a bit of a diversion from our intended south and eastbound direction, but it’s location was the perfect compromise to meet our cousins from Colorado Springs. The KOA advertises itself as Pueblo South, and was a reasonable drive from the city. The RV park is on Abbey Road, but unfortunately there was no Belicia Beacon and no Fab Four crossing the road. Abbey Road runs parallel to I25 on the east side. For some strange reason, our trip planning software, Microsoft Streets and Trips wanted us to go to the west side of I25 and cross a non existent bridge over the interstate to get to the RV park. No one at Microsoft or Streets and Trips was interested in this slight planning faux pas.

Most of the time was spent catching up on a few maintenance chores, watching it rain and listening to the news broadcasts about flooding further north in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and Denver.

There was a BBQ joint, Obie’s Fillin Station just at the corner. not bad, but not in the same league as Lonnie Q’s or Texas Pride. There is also a Mexican place across on the other side of the interstate, not bad. As it was raining all the time, we didn’t feel like driving into Pueblo and walking around in the rain. We did however drive in one evening to have dinner out with family at really nice european place, Rio Bistro. The food was absolutely delicious. A tiny restaurant with very limited seating. Reservations are highly recommended, especially for larger groups. We had 7 for dinner. The service and food was first rate.


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