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We arrived in Livingston on September 27th, a Friday, so that we could take care of a few administrative details (TB test), thus able to start work on the Monday. Some old friends from last year and some new friends to work with during October.

George and Judy were already here, having volunteered for August and September. So there was no more opportunity to capture a picture of the rarest of all phenomenon, George vacuuming. Margret also showed up with her candy halloween basket. We blame her for the extra pounds we put on last year. Don and Sue came mid month, actually early for their November and December volunteer work, but we put them to work right away. Sue is an excellent cook, so we put her to work right away, cooking lunches and dinners for when the staff were off. Don picked up right away with his maintenance work as a couple of the maintenance guys were leaving. Kathy had never really left, filling in as a driver for the CARE center, taking residents to various appointments.

This year’s garage sale was much better organized, staffed mostly by Escapee park volunteers rather than CARE Center volunteers, so not so much of a strain on the CARE center operations.

IMG_3277IMG_3282One of the new pair of volunteers were Maddie and Jerry, whom we had met at the New Horizons Owners Rally in Kerrville TX in May of this year. They are also friends of our NHOG parents, Bob and Judy (who have since abandoned us for a new pair of children (sob, sob!)). Maddie and Jerry also spend the winter in Mission TX. Even though their first stint at CARE, they jumped right in and started cooking.




Bubbee LynnIMG_3291Here is Bubbeh Lynn in her babushka, rolling cutlery at the Escapee CARE Center in Livingston TX. Twice a day, we sat down and rolled all the clean cutlery into a napkin so that diners received a neat package of cutley and napkin for their meals.

The nurse who runs the Adult Day Care center asked is if would be possible to bring Robbie and Abby into the garden one day to visit with the participants. Robbie, the big suck that he is, is the perfect care giver, nuzzling up to everyone. He was a real hit.


Bob and Judy wanted to get their rig weighed at the Escapee Smart Weigh here at Livingston. A procedure which gives you the weight for each individual wheel. They also wanted to see what all the fuss is about with Mission and the Rio Grande Valley. So they have decided to come spend a week in the RGV before heading off to Florida for the winter. They cannot live without their annual DisneyWorld fix. We will all meet up in the valley. Bob and Judy will convoy with us from Livingston to Mission the first week of November when our volunteer stint is completed. No trip south from Livingston is complete without a stop at Schulenburg and the German Bakery and Meat Shop. We could make the Schulenburg to Mission hop in one day, but it makes for a really long day. So instead, we will probably stop over in Goliad, so as to make the final leg to Mission a bit more manageable.

Together with Bob and Judy, we decided to take in some of the painted churches in the Schulenburg area. We managed to visit several of the ones closest to town (that weren't shut down for rennovations) :
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. Mary
St. John the Baptist.

Rather than try to do justice with thumbnails of these truly amazing buildings, just go to the gallery on SmugMug


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