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Six months in Mission TX and nary a drop of rain, just lots of blowing dust. The day we leave, we are driving northbound in a pounding rain, leaving lovely streaks of dirt all over the RV and especially the rear windows as it washes off the roof. Other than that, it was a nice easy drive to our next stop, Goliad TX and the state park. I am considering making this a stop on our southbound journey from Livingston in November.

IMG_1726Our visit to Goliad and the State Park was truly exceptional. We met up with some old friends, Bob and Judy, to caravan to the NHOG rally in Kerrville, who made the introduction to their friends who were working at the state park. Made some New Friends!
The area has a number of historically significant places:




• The Presidio La Bahia, the birthplace of the Texas Revolution and signing of the first Declaration of Texas Independence from Mexico is located perhaps ½ mile south of the state park.

• The Goliad Massacre of Col. James Walker Fannin and 341 of his men, after their defeat at the battle of Coleto Creek.. The memorial and burial mound of the solders is located behind the presidio

• Located at the Presidio, is the birthplace of Ignacio Sequin Zaragoza at the presidio, who led a Mexican army on May 5th, 1862 against the French to secure Mexico’s recently won independence from Spain. The victory is celebrated each year, as ‘Cinco de Mayo’.

• The city of Goliad is the third oldest municipality, with a restored courthouse square in the middle of town. A number of restaurants and gift shops in the square.

• Located in the park itself is the restored Spanish Colonial Era Mission of Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zuñiga.

DSC_0006IMG_0072_3The city of Goliad is quite the place, with some special trees and traffic rules for them, the oak trees have ‘right of way’. There is one oak tree in front of the court house with even more history, The Hanging Tree (1857 Cart War Oak). It’s not surprising that considering the number of men hung in front of the court house, that locals say the court house is haunted.

There are a number of descent places to eat in Goliad, the ones we visited; The Blue Qual deli, The Hanging Tree Restaurant, La Bahia as well as some that others recommended; The Empresario. On our final night, we went out for dinner to an ‘under new management’ cajun place in Victoria, Lost Cajun Eatery. Really tucked away, near the Victoria KOA and Coleto Creek Regional Park. Everyone in our party liked their food. If we stay near hear again, we will definitely have to try the restaurant again.

IMG_1687DSC_0046Our visit to the Presidio La Bahia was very interesting. There is a museum with a number of interesting artifacts, including one of the original ‘Goliad Flag of Independence’ on the wall. Ricardo, one of the re-enactors at the fort, was in full garb, and had me demonstrate to our small group, how to fire a musket. The Presidio has a number of ‘Sentry Trees’, a long slender stock (or more than one) grow up from the center of the bush, flower and then the stock dies. The next season, the process starts all over again.




IMG_0418The park has some well maintained hiking trails, along the river, behind the mission, to name two. We explored all most all of them. One of the trails behind the mission has some lovely flowering cactus. Under the highway bridge along one of the trails, a swarm of swallows have made condo apartments, one on top of the other.

The only downside to our April visit, was the caterpillar infestation, after 4 days, our roof and truck were covered in black pellets of caterpillar poo! At times it was falling so hard, it sounded like rain. The night before we were planning to leave Goliad, it poured down like cats and dogs. On the weather radar, it was nice red blobs, real downpours. You would think that all that rain would have washed off all of the caterpillar poo, but no. The rain had turned all that dried poo into a soggy mess. It took me an hour of washing down the roof and slides to clean off the mess before we could leave.

After all that, I guess the secret to breaking the Texas drought is to have us arrive and leave, as it always now seems to rain when we are ready leave a place.

On a more personal note, I now know how to truly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Just eat 2 scoops of Blue Bell Krazy Colors Ice Cream the day before, and the next day, your bowel movements will truly celebrate the color of the day.


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