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When we picked up the new truck, it had 11 miles on the odometer. We were going to need to do some serious driving to hit 500 miles in a couple of days.

IMG_1843We had done some research into possible sightseeing trips. Cawker City KS is the home of the worlds largest ball of sisal twine, or for us, an excuse to drive 224 miles. We loaded Robbie and Abby into the back seat and took off. The mattress that we had constructed in Mission for the F450, fit perfectly, so they had a nice flat surface to lay down on. In Cawker City, the gift shop next door, where you can get pieces of twine to add to the ball, was closed, so our chance at immortality was missed.


IMG_1840Minneapolis KS is also the home to Rock City, a one-of-a-kind set of rock formations, which happened to be on the way to Cawker City . Rather than try to explain how and why the rocks got there, you can read all about it at these links, road side America and travel Kansas. Now the the address is on Ivy Rd. The only thing to be aware of (which we weren’t and nor was the GPS) is that there are two Ivy roads, split by the river that runs through the city. The Ivy road on the east side of the river, near US81 is the wrong one. The Ivy road just south of the airport is the right one. Our new GPS of course, took us first to the wrong one, in the middle of a farm field.

Saturday, we needed to accomplish two things, hit our 500 mile target and go food shopping in Manhattan. Our first destination was Abilene, to the American Indian Arts Center for Lynn and the Greyhound Hall of Fame for me ( I needed a new T-shirt) and then to the Hy Vee’s in Manhattan (The Little Apple). Sunday morning, with a quick trip to Sapp Brothers to top up the tires, the odometer read 501.9 and we were ready to go!

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