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Boise was planned not to be a sightseeing destination, but more of a rest and maintenance stop after the hectic schedule of Flaming Gorge, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Craters of the Moon. There were a couple of housekeeping items that needed to be taken care of, our Apple desktop needed a visit to the Mac hospital, and our Wifi Ranger need a visit to it’s birthplace.

As for the RV park, it was really nice, clean and had a city walk/bikeway just outside across the street. Each morning, we would take Robbie and Abby for an hour long walk down the path to a city park/hiking area in the hills. Many people would let their dogs run free in the hills, but of course we couldn’t to that with our pair of hunters.

The most immediate task, the first day, was a trip to the Apple store to take our desktop (a.k.a. Big Mac) in for medical help, as the CD/DVD optical drive was not working properly. The diagnosis was inoperable and a transplant was needed asap. We left the patient in the capable hands of the Genius Bar and picked it up the next day, new drive installed.

IMG_0531The next task was a visit to the folks at Wifi Ranger, which by a amazing coincidence, was in the same locale as ‘Rick’s Press Room Grill’, one of the DDD restaurants that I had identified. The first trip to ranger land was a solo trip, all business. I was having problems with the latest firmware release to the ranger and its interaction with my Verizon Pantech UML290 aircard. The support team could not re-produce the problem and wanted to test out my specific unit. I came home with a temporary replacement while they put mine through the hoops. I guess it was just one of those problems that could not be resolved, so I had them install a prior firmware release on my unit. Both Lynn and I then both went on this trip, first for lunch at Rick’s, and then on to swap rangers.



Boise also has a number of DDD restaurants that needed investigating. As it happens, one of the dives, Pizzalchik, was a short drive from the RV park (sorry, no picture, just a link). Some of the best pizza I have ever had. We never got around to tasting their chicken which was supposed to be spectacular. We ate there a couple of times for lunch and then ordered take-out for dinner. Really quite fortuitous to have such a good pizza place just down the street from the RV park. Pizzalchik is right beside a vietnamese restaurant, but we could not resist the pizza

IMG_0528Just across the street from Pizzalchik, was a mall with the local grocery store, a theatre and an Indian restaurant. Dinner and a movie, what else can you ask for. The Indian Restaurant had won ‘Boise best Indian Food ‘ for several years, so we decided to give it a try. Madhuban Authentic Indian Cuisine turned out to be one of those unexpected gems. Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on Indian cuisine, but have eaten in some excellent Indian restaurants in London England as well as our son and daughter-in-law’s favorites in Oakville/Toronto Canada (As avid restaurant goers and vegans, they have searched out some of the best). This little place tucked away in a strip mall was excellent.

There was another DDD restaurant downtown that I wanted to visit, a Basque restaurant. So we planned a walk around downtown and lunch out. Another burger joint close to downtown had closed. It seems that being featured on DDD can either be a curse or boon for a restaurant. We had come across several in out travels that failed in survive the publicity that comes with the TV exposure. Some had closed which others could not cope and went downhill from the experience. And then again, we came across others that just kept on trucking, churning out good food.


Boise is home to a vibrant Basque community. The Basque Block forms the home of the community, with museums, community centers and restaurants. Bar Gernika came to our attention via DDD. Although we didn’t visit on a Saturday to try the beef tongue, the other items on the menu were outstanding. The Basque style rice pudding made for an excellent dessert.

IMG_2786IMG_2780IMG_2781Historic Olde Towne Boise has several historic buildings that have been restored and repurposed in order to maintain the history of the city. The building at the corner of 6th and Main is one such building, that used to house the post office. While walking around the area, we came across ‘Stanley’ who was being put through his paces, learning to sit and come. Cute as a button.

The 2 weeks in Boise was a nice respite before we started the onslaught of the next part of our trip; Shoshone Falls;Arches and Canyonlands NP’s;Mesa Verde NP;Four Corners;Durango/Silverton; before starting east and south to Oklahoma City and then Texas.


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