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Our next stop on our way to Junction City was the Wagon Master RV Park in Sanger TX. This was supposed to be an easy 285 mile drive. We could have gone due east to catch I35 at Austin and then head north through Dallas/Ft. Worth, but we really wanted to avoid that route. The last time we drove I35W through D-FW, a truck towing a car hauler, tried to merge onto the highway through our living room, while he was talking on the phone. So we thought we would head northward through hill country on TX16 and then via various highways, get onto I20 eastbound, well west of D-F and take I820 around town.

Great plan sort of, but we seemed to be cursed around or trying to by-pass D-FW and you never seem to be able to avoid the idiots who live and drive in the area. More on that later.

San Saba TXOur route took us through San Saba TX that has a trestle over TX16 (about 300 yards north of US190). Turns out the trestle is 13’ 6” , not 14‘. Both the Allstays app and Low Clearances database (Microsoft Streets and Trips) were wrong. Some townsfolk pointed out how we could circumvent the train tracks on 8th street, which went over the tracks rather than under. We needed to backup half a block so that we could turn onto a side street to get back onto US190, and then turn back north on 8th at the school. A few blocks northward and we crossed over the tracks. A few more blocks northward, and we were able to turn back to TX16.

So back on our route, and then onto Goldthwaite, where we were supposed to stay on TX16N/US84W , but ended up going on US84E. OK, so no real problem, continued on our way and then headed north on US281 and then US377 east to I820. Big mistake. the area around US377 is so developed that it is like driving through town. Traffic lights every miles and lots of traffic. This is definitely a route to avoid in the future. Next time, we will take US281 all the way north to I20 and then use I820 to bypass Fort Worth.

Back to the idiots. The ramp from I820 to I35W is a long ramp that exits on the left. So of course in busy traffic, it backs up and then you always get some idiot you thinks he can skip to the front of the line, speed up and dart into a gap at the front of the line. As you know, we don’t accelerate that quickly, so in stop and go traffic, there is always a gap between us and the car in front. Some idiot waited until last minute to jump into line in front of us and then he had to slam on his brakes so as not to hit the car in front of him. I had to stand on our brakes to prevent slamming into his rear. The disk brakes got a workout and Robbie practically ended up in my lap.

So now, getting close to Sanger and we are running low on fuel (on 285 mile trip, lousy mpg with all the stops and starts as well as hill country), stopped in at a Pilot Truck Stop with only 9 gallons left in tank.

IMG_1824We finally arrive at our destination at 5:30pm, long after we had planned to arrive. The owner was kind enough to wait for us to arrive before closing up for the night. We had only planned to stay 1 night before continuing northward to Junction City, however decided to stay an extra night to recover from the trauma of the previous day. That gave us a chance to visit the alpacas at the RV park and got some good pictures. We had to be careful when walking the dogs, to keep clear of their pen. It was not the alpacas themselves that didn’t like dogs, but their guard dog who lived with them, who liked people but didn’t like other dogs (sounds vaguely familiar!). All in all, a nice place to stay


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