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I have mixed feelings about Dubuque, some of the sightseeing was really amazing, but the RV park was a supreme disappointment, we basically parked in mud for most of a week.

We did manage to make several sightseeing trips. One to the National Museum of the Mississippi and the other to Crystal Lake Caves.

Lynn and the Cat FishIMG_3874The Museum was really interesting, part aquarium and part river history exhibit. Where else can you walk inside of a catfish. A lot of interesting history about the river. There was a special exhibit about Lincoln and the role the river played in the Civil War.


The Crystal Lake Caves was an adventure, but also a bit of a disappointment. The pictures on the web site give the impression of large underground galleries. The reality is a cave system with passages about the size of a phone booth. The ‘crystal lake’ was visible through a small opening in the rock, not so much as a lake, more of a large pond. I did learn something new about myself, I am mildly claustrophobic. It took a while to get used to the closed space. This picture of Lynn was taken at one of the places in the tunnel that had a bit of headroom.

As part of my surfing the internet for things to do, I found information on the Field of Dreams movie site, and their 25th anniversary celebration of the movie and the baseball field, which is still there. Dyersville is only 20 miles from Dubuque and I though it would be a IMG_3908great place to visit. IMG_3939As it turned out, The ‘Ghost Players’ put on a game about twice a month in the summer, once the corn grows in and the last game of the season was going to be held on the Sunday we were leaving Dubuque for Amana. From Amana, it is a 80 mile drive back towards Dubuque. Lynn was feeling overcome with allergies, so I made the trip by myself. If you have seen the movie, you get goosebumps when they play the soundtrack from the movie and the players start to emerge from the corn field. The Ghost Players have been doing this for about 25 years, touring the globe, performing for the USO. The best description of the game would be the Harlem Globetrotters on a baseball field, playing against the children from the audience, and somehow always managing to loose. They managed to maintain their record of 0 outs and 100% of opposing batters scoring. The Ghosts even have their own Facebook page and documentary. To get an idea of some of the action, look at our gallery.


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