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After the greyhound rally, it was off to Elkhart IN for a visit to Utility Bodywerks. There was a repair needed for the auxiliary fuel tank as well as getting a new air compressor and tank. The air compressor that comes with the Kelderman Air Ride only has a capacity of 105 psi and I need to be able to inflate the RV tires to 125. So I had UB install a second higher capacity air compressor & tank for the air chuck.

A second maintenance issue to be resolved concerned our RV refrigerator . We had met some very experienced RVers while in Junction City, and they recommended Leon Herschberger at National RV Refrigeration, as an absolute wizard when it comes to RV refrigerators . He took one look at the install and knew exactly what the problem was.

The heat from the refrigerator cooling system was not being dissipated, but was just building up inside the slide, reducing the efficiency of the system. There are fans and vents in the side of the slide to dissipate the heat. The fans were forcing are up the space, but the vent openings were too low in relation to the fins on the fridge that are used to remove the heat from the system. Heat rises, it does not move sideways. The heat from the fridge was rising into a dead spot in the area directly under the roof of the slide, rather than being vented to the outside. A simple solution of adding some sheet metal ducting to:

1) direct the cool air from the fans up, directly to the fins;
2) direct that now heated air out through the slide vent more efficiently.

So far, the changes have worked wonders for the fridge.


IMG_3828IMG_3833We spent 3 weeks in the Elkhart area in total, taking in many of the sights and tastes the area has to offer. The Heritage Trail, the RV Hall of Fame, as well as some DDD dining. The RV Hall of Fame was a bit of an eye opener. Who knew how creative people could be in living in a moving vehicle. Many of the interiors were solid wood, no such thing as laminates or plastic.


IMG_35691954 F-100The Heritage Trail was a fun drive, taking Robbie with us for the day. Some of the quilt gardens are quite intricate. You never quite knew what you were going to come across, as we happened upon an antique showing of Ford trucks. Lunches at the Rise N Roll bakery on Hwy 20, Hawaiian Ice in downtown Shipshewana, lunch at the Blue Gate restaurant. You can see all of our pictures from the Heritage Trail at our gallery.

It is interesting that a number of these hyped up restaurants (Frankenmuth as an example) that just don’t deliver, but the Blue Gate was all that it was talked up to be.

We found some IMG_0680Elkini and Artii Elkexcellent Amish mozzarella cheese that added great flavor to our pizzas, along with some smoked gouda that went amazingly well with some smoked oysters. We came across some Elks that we missed the first time,

The South Side Soda Shop in Goshen was a DDD diner that did not disappoint, not 2 years ago and not this year. I had the Wisconsin Cheese soup and Philly Cheesesteak and Lynn had the Veggie Pita.


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