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IMG_3801After visiting Canada, we crossed the border at Port Huron, turned north at Flint MI and headed to Frankenmuth, where it is christmas 365 days of the year. The RV park in Birch Run (about 4 miles south of Frankenmuth) had many mixed reviews, but we found it very nice. Our spot was fairly spacious and well shaded.


IMG_3811There is a lot of hype given to the competition between the two chicken restaurants in town, run by feuding members of the same family; Zehnder’s and the Bavarian Inn. They sit across the street from each other, one with a bush in the shape of a chicken in front and the other, giant nutcrackers at the front door. We ate at one, and were disappointed with the quality of the food. After that, we couldn’t find any motivation to eat at the other. We did find some good meat shops and bought a variety of bratwurst and cheese.

The other big draw in town is Bonner’s Christmas Wonderland where it is christmas all year long. The store, about the size of a football field, has everything and anything related to christmas. I even IMG_3807found the Hanukah section, at the end of an aisle. We did however find an artificial tree that is just the right size and would fit the RV lifestyle!


IMG_3813Other than Bonner’s, there really wasn’t much else about the area. I really shouldn’t say that, as Lynn bought herself and really nice purse and wallet at the Coach outlet at the Birch Run Outlet Mall that was just down the road from the RV park and met a new man, the tall quiet type.

Given a choice, I think we much preferred the attractions and dining in the Elkhart area over Frankenmuth.

IMG_0705Our next destination was Dubuque IA, but it was going to take several stops to get there. We stayed a week in Bluffton Indiana, just south of Fort Wayne, just to unwind after the hectic sightseeing and maintenance tasks of Elkhart. A quiet place where spaceships rise out of the morning mist.

We stayed at one other place along the way, that we wish we hadn’t, with a gun range right beside the park. Once the gunfire started, Robbie was beside himself. We are never staying there again.


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