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IMG_3592Lunch at Moro'sAfter Elkhart, it was off to Canada. This trip, we decided to stay at the campground in Milton instead of the KOA in Campbellville. It was about 10 minutes closer to Oakville. Besides spending a lot of time with granddaughter (who had her 3rd birthday while we were there), we met grandchild #2, a boy who will be making his appearance a couple of months down the road in November.

A special lunch engagement at Maro’s was also on the calendar, some of the best falafel, pitas and burritos in town. He is also branching out with some amazing deserts. Even Robbie enjoyed some of the cuisine.


IMG_3718IMG_3704We also did a bit more exploring of the area, a hike up to the top of the Niagara Escarpment (part of the Bruce Trail) and a tractor pull. The tractor pull was a bit of a bummer as it was raining, which really caused problems with the traction of the tractors,


IMG_3637Robbie also had a chance to renew some friendships at the Acton Dog Park. Every Sunday, they have a Greyhounds only hour. Everybody has to wear a muzzle, just to prevent any overly aggressive racing behavior, as they tend to do.


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