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Keeping to US281 northbound, we made our way to Wichita Falls TX and then on to Oklahoma City. The RV park is a fairly nice park, but built on the side of a hill, so your site has an upslope driveway to a plateau, and then another upslope driveway to leave the site. We had stayed here during our visit to OKC in the fall of 2013, during which we did a lot of site seeing. This is supposedly an upscale park, but we were getting low voltage errors on the power management system, so the air conditioners repeatedly shut down. The maintenance man said there was nothing he could do about it as the demand on their electrical system was too high due to the high heat and humidity. You have to wonder sometimes about RV Park management and where they put their priorities!

This visit was just a break, on our way to Junction City KS and the New Horizons factory. OKC also has a number of favorite stops, Panera Bread, Whole Foods and Camping World. What more can you ask for! OKC is too good a destination for the RV park issues and we will probably try another park next time, but that too would be a problem as all the favorite stops are north of the city, not far from this park.

We seem to have problems finding really good restaurants in this north east corner of OKC. The DDD locations that we have tried seem to have become complete failures, not surviving the national exposure. This trip, I tried another DDD location that we missed the last time, Mama E’s Wings and Waffles; an amazing disappointment.

We decided to explore the county health and wellness campus across the street from the RV park. There are walking trails with workout stops along the way. Although we did not take advantage of the workout equipment, we had a wonderful time walking the trails, which at that time of the spring, were suffering from a great deal of damage due to water erosion from all the rain. There were many choices for trails to take, anywhere from a of a mile to 2 or more miles, up and down the terrain (remember what I said about the RV park being built on the side of a hill, well the same applies to the walking trails).


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