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Trip Map 2012 Texas to IndianaSan Antonio is home to a number of DDD sites, a couple of which are close to the offices of our financial advisor, so going there is like killing 2 birds with one trip. We spent about a week in San Antonio in the Spring of 2012 taking care of ‘business’ so started our DDD sojourn with a couple of goodies.

The Magnolia Pancake Haus is an amazing place with the most wonderful pancakes and waffles. The signature dish is the Authentic Munchener Apfel Pfannekuchen

(Pronounced fan-e-koo-ken).IMG_0173 “This is the real deal translated from Oma’s own cookbook and adapted to our kitchens. Granny Smith Apples, zesty cinnamon and secret spices all combine to create a puffed pancake that is an authentic taste of Bavaria. Served with powdered sugar and European style whipped cream”. Of course, this is what Lynn had to have.

Another great place that was close by is Dough Pizzeria, the place to go for authentic Italian Pizza Napoletana. Being pizza aficionados, we had to visit.

IMG_1503Within a 15 minute drive of the San Antonio KOA is an amazing BBQ joint, Texas Pride BBQ located in Atkins TX. The ribs and sausage were just outstanding. One of the photos in the gallery shows Lynn looking over the carnarge of our meal. This is one of the places that Lynn would not even consider going into. From the outside, it looks like a real Texas dive. The inside is not fancy, but the food is great.

We hit the road again northbound, going through Austin TX, to visit the LBJ Museum and the Zilker Botanical Gardens. About a miles from the RV park, was the newest location of Green Mesquite BBQ, located in a mall. The original location is very close to the Zilker gardens and my original plan was to visit it at the same time as our trip to the gardens, but the timing did not work out as it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner. So we went to the new suburban location instead and were not disappointed. The ribs were spectacular.

IMG_1258IMG_0200Along our route was Springfield IL and the Lincoln Museum. Springfield is also home to Charlie Parker’s, a real diner/dive located in a WWII Quonset hut. This place would definitely have made Lynn’s ‘don’t go near’ list, but the inside was pure 50's diner. One of the signature dishes at Charlie Parker’s is the horseshoe. I am not even going to try to explain it, but the for scientific explanation, go to Wikipedia and for the foodie explanation,

While camping with friends in Goshen IN, they mentioned a diner that they would like to visit. Turns out that the South Side Soda Shop was also a DDD destination. It was a bit of an embarrassment that I didn’t even know that it was there.

Our next stop along the way was Ypsilanti MI, which we were going to use as a stopover , which is close to Ann Arbor. Being a college town, Ann Arbor had a Whole Foods and an Apple Store, two places that needed visits. One of the other places in Ann Arbor is Zingerman’s Deli. Although it was not a DDD destination, it made the map as being on the program Best Thing I ever Ate. Now as a good jewish boy, show me some good old fashioned corned beef, and I will be there with an empty stomach. I thoroughly enjoyed my corned beef sandwich, but Lynn was disappointed with the Lox and Bagel, too gourmet with too much garnish and too tough a bagel (at least for her, bagels tend to be a regional thing). Located in the old part of town, right beside the University of Michigan, it seems to have grown/strayed from it’s deli roots to a college version of a deli.

IMG_0281On our way to the Escapees Rally in Sedalia, we stopped for a week in Topeka. Right beside the RV park was Lonnie Q’s BBQ, where ‘We Smoke It and It’s Legal’ is the motto. Although not a DDD joint, it really should be. Lonnie considers himself a Kansas style BBQer,  prepares his meats for 18 hours every business day:

- 4-6 hours in the smoker using a combination apple and hickory woods

- 10-12 hours in the oven to tenderize the meat.

He makes own BBQ sauce.  We never got down to a discussion about rubs.

He is only open  3 hours for lunch on weekdays plus 5pm to 8pm on Fridays.  The lineup on Fridays starts about 4:30pm.  It is cafeteria style and seats about 75.  Once an item is sold out, that's it, no more.  There is no running to the fridge/freezer to heat up more. We stopped in for lunch on a weekday, a half hour before closing.  He was out of ribs, but made us up a combination platter with beef, turkey and pork smoked meats so that we could sample them all. Lonnie does not have a web site, but you can keep up with him on Facebook.

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