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There were only a few places along our route that had DDD joints, but its hard planning a trip to a burger joint or steak house when traveling with a vegetarian. Our route would lead us to several locales with DDD joints:
Ogden UT
Boise ID
Oklahoma City OK.

Odgen UT
Our first planned encounter was the ‘Burger Bar’ in Roy, just next door to Ogden. Best laid plans and all that crap. It was closed on the Sunday when we went to Costco which was only a hop skip and a jump from Roy.

Boise ID
Boise had a number of DDD joints that were prime candidates for a visit:
Bar Gernika
Rick’s Press Room and Grill
Donn's Hilltop Kodiak Grill - Closed
Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine - Closed

I have said it many times, It seems that being featured on DDD can either be a curse or boon for a restaurant. We have come across several in our travels that failed to survive the publicity that comes with the TV exposure. Some had closed while others could not cope and went downhill from the experience. And then again, we came across others that just kept on trucking, churning out good food.

As it happened, one of the dives, Pizzalchik (short for pizza, salad and chicken), was a short drive from the RV park. Some of the best pizza I have ever had. A 6000 pound stone hearth oven is the cornerstone of the restaurant. We never got around to tasting their chicken which was supposed to be spectacular. We ate there a couple of times for lunch and then ordered take-out for dinner. Really quite fortuitous to have such a good pizza place just down the street from the RV park.

IMG_2775IMG_0531There was another DDD restaurant downtown that I wanted to visit, a Basque restaurant. So we planned a walk around downtown and lunch out. Boise is home to a vibrant Basque community. The Basque Block forms the home of the community, with museums, community centers and restaurants. Although we didn’t visit on a Saturday to try the beef tongue, the other items on the menu were outstanding. The Basque style rice pudding made for an excellent dessert.

The third dive to be visited was Rick’s Press Room and Grill (in Meridian, west of Boise) which was fortuitously located on the way to a equipment repair shop that we had to visit. The food was excellent and lived up to its billing. I had the Garlic Wings and Press Room Fries, just outstanding. Lynn had the Potato Pancakes and Press Room Fries, lunch of champions!


Oklahoma City has a number of DDD joints:
Cattlemen's Steakhouse
Leo's BBQ
Ingrid’s Kitchen
Nic’s Grill
Mama E’s Wings and Waffles

Ingrid’s Kitchen serves great German cuisine and seems to have survived the DDD exposure. I had the schnitzel of course while Lynn had one of the daily specials, a fish pie.

Leo’s BBQ on the other hand, however had not survived the exposure. The food was nowhere near as good as what was hyped on the show.

Nic’s Grill was downtown, near the memorial, but it is hard to plan a visit to a burger joint, so it was a miss.

I must have forgotten about Mama E’s, as it was relatively close to the RV park, as we never did go.

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse was about a 25 minute drive, to the west side of OKC, but unfortunately, did not serve anything that appealed to Lynn, so it was also a miss.


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