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Well, so much for plans. The weather was so crappy this winter that I never really had the chance to take care of any of my outdoor tasks, and ended up doing a lot of work in the coach house on my boat building and hoping for better weather later on to catch up on RV tasks. The weather for first 2 weeks was cold and wet, waking up to temps in low to mid 40’s. Highs in mid 60’s and low 70’s.

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The rain and dew did make for some interesting sights. The spider webs were large and highly visible. There were some very large webs in the state park and one particularly large spider in the bushes outside of our rig.

One other side effect of all the rain were the high water levels on the river and irrigation canals. In previous years, the Border Patrol would pick up a floater about once a month, either in the river or one of the canals. This year, it has been more like one a week, sometimes in groups. The canals have steep banks, heavy vegetation at the bottom, along with strong currents and the occasional shopping cart. With the deeper water, it has become exceedingly dangerous to attempt a crossing.

As for doing more water aerobics, no one goes to the pool when it is in the 50’s or low 60’s. When I did go, it felt good, but the back brace that I was wearing disrupted some kidney crystals, not full stones, but large enough to cause some discomfort. . This laid me up for 7-10 days on pain killers. Definitely things not going to plan. IMG_2474

IMG_2436Lynn was off to Oakville for a couple of weeks, to help with our new grandson born Nov 11. In order to get her to the airport on time, we were up at 3am. While walking Robbie at 3:30am, the Border Patrol was all over the place looking for international visitors. They were still at it when I got back from the airport at 5:30am. It was a hectic morning. Robbie and I managed to survive on our own.

One morning coming back from shopping, the BP helicopter was rounding up international visitors. He had them pinned up against the bank of the canal, by hovering 10-15 feet above the ground. He was just waiting for ground based assistance to take them into custody.

Christmas DecorationsChristmas DecorationsThe rig was decorated as usual for the season. Besides the nutcrackers, we had a new addition to the decor. Back in the Amana Colonies, Lynn came across this painting/print that had lights embedded inside the canvas. The mantle painting with lanterns made a great addition to the seasonal decor.



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