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IMG_3491IMG_4152By mid February, the weather pattern was starting to change, and working outside was becoming the norm. I was so far behind on my outdoor tasks, that it was time to put away the boat. You can see the progress made, the picture on the left shows the boat at the start of the winter and the picture on the right at the end of the winter. The progress is a bit difficult to see, but much easier to feel. There was not too much in the way of hull planking that needed to be done, at the keel and the upper decks. Most of the work this winter has been using wood filler and sanding the hull, over and over and over. It has to be perfectly smooth to take the final finish. The hull will eventually be painted black and yellow, true to the colors of HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar. I know that when you see these nice boat models, the wooden hulls are nicely varnished, but that is not how the boats were actually finished. Paint was used extensively to prevent corrosion and protect the wood from the elements. The hull below the waterline was actually covered in copper plating. The British Admiralty settled on copper as the best way to prevent torpedo worms from destroying the hulls of their ships and also prevented kelp and other things from attaching to the hulls and slowing down the ships. This is why today, for the longest time, anti-fouling paints for modern ships were copper based, until more environmentally friendly paints were formulated.



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