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Back during the summer, we visited National RV Refrigeration to have Leon take a look at our install. He made some changes. This spring has been a real test of his work, with the temps during the day hitting over 90℉ and 90% humidity. Last year, with these temps, even set at the highest setting, the fridge internal temperature would rise to 42-44℉. So far, the fridge has taken it all in stride while just at the #3 setting (with 5 being the coldest), keeping the internal fridge temp at a steady 36℉ and ice cream in the freezer rock hard. I will sometimes turn it up to 4 or 5 in the late afternoon when the worst heat of the day and the sun is on the driver’s side of the rig, where the fridge is located. But I have to remember to put it back down to 3 before bed, or else the fridge will be at 32℉ by morning.

The other major problem we encountered has been our Fisher & Paykel drawer dishwasher. It just stopped working. You close the drawer and press the start button, and all you got was a two-tone beep and lights flashing. All of the F & P dealers in the area have a “we only service what we sell” policy . I had been on the phone with F & P corporate several times over a week, trying to get some assistance. It took a phone call from the F & P district manager to one of the dealers to get them to come out and take a look at it. Sometimes you just have to be persistent.

The results of the first visit by the techs was somewhat inconclusive. F & P phone support could not seem to isolate the problem and wanted the local tech to replace a $300 control component. Luckily for us, the local tech was not impressed and did some more research.

He came back a second time a week later and talked to a different phone support tech. It turned out that the infrared lens on the door were just slightly out of alignment with the lens on the cabinet, so the dishwasher thought the door was open, hence it would not operate. With a slight push with his thumb on the lens on the door, the problem was solved. He suggested that we be a bit more gentle when closing the drawer of the dishwasher and not jar it so much.

You know how you implement one solution, only for another problem to become evident. Well the dishwasher started doing the same thing, but I knew it wasn’t the horizontal alignment of the infrared lenses. After much staring and fiddling, it became apparent to me that the problem was with the vertical alignment of the dish drawer. The drawer sits on full extension slides, but it was slipping down at the end of the slide. The little knobs that held up the front of the washer had worn, so the front of the tub would slip down just enough to take the infrared lens out of alignment.

Another call to F&P and have the local techs place another visit and talk to another phone support rep. This time I told them what the problem was and they confirmed the parts that needed to be replaced, the little caps on the end of the slides.. They only took 10 days to get delivered. So for something this simple, it took over a month to get it resolved. The parts finally arrived, and lo and behold, nothing.

Another F&P Tech rep suggested replacing the right hand slider arm , as that seems to be the side of the drawer that was sagging. So now, another 10 day wait for diferrent parts to arrive.


I will keep this page updated as the saga continues.


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