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Then more strangeness:

Out of the blue, we got an email from the real estate agent who represents our tenants back in Massachusetts. We had entered into a long term lease to own arrangement with them that was supposed to close April 2016. They were just approved for a mortgage and wanted to close a year early. A welcome surprise and the house sale closed at the end of April.

The previous comment about this being a strange winter really came true a bit later. Close to the end of February, a friend from my mutual fund days was in contact with me, wondering if I was ready to “give up on this retirement thing and come back to work”. Well after I stopped laughing and picked myself off of the floor, it turned out he was serious. He had a fairly important high profile project that needed taking care of, and he needed someone he could trust to get it done. After a couple of months of back and forth, the administrative details take care of, an offer came through.

I would need to go to Boston for a couple of months for some acclimation and training and then I could come back to Texas and work from home. Lynn would stay in Mission with Robbie while I was gone, and then when I got back, I was going to put an air conditioner in the coach house window and make that my office. I left for Boston mid-May.

Why go back to work you ask?

Well for one, the bank balance could always use more credits than debits. On another front, over the past several years as we travelled about, the debate always arose about where we would settle after coming off the road. It had to be someplace with:

  1. little or no cold winters.
  2. descent travel options to Canada and especially Oakville Ontario
  3. descent shopping, a Costco a must
  4. descent medical care.

Livingston TX and Escapee's Rainbow’s End was always a possibility, except for failing marks for #2 and #3. Houston is 60 miles from Livingston and solves both of those shortcomings, but it makes an afternoon shopping trip an impossibility.

The Niagara Peninsula was considered, but failing marks for #1, but it was an excellent choice for #2 and being close to the grand kids.

Living down in the Rio Grande Valley these past 4 winters has shown that it met all of the requirements. However, one of the shortcomings of living down there is the length of time it takes to get out of Texas with the RV, and the length of time it takes to drive to Ontario. Flying is not a problem. There is a descent airport 20 minutes away that has feeder flights to both Dallas and Houston. From there, you can get practically anywhere, including non-stop flights to Toronto.

IMG_0868IMG_0851Taking this job would give us the opportunity to buy a small 720 sq. ft. house with attached RV lot, an example of which can be seen in the photo. A one bedroom house is all we need, and if we have company, they can always sleep in the RV. We will continue to travel once I re-retire, but now we will always have a home to return to, and can even consider IMG_0863doing some traveling during the winter months, to places like Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, when it is better to sight see in the winter than brave the hot summer months. After much debate and soul searching, we put a deposit down on a lot. It comes with a nice pile of dirt and a porta-potty. It even has Robbie's seal of approval.


On the down side, it means putting off our exploration of the rest of the country for a couple of years.


The Saga Continues


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