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BP Air Patrol over the PalapaWe always knew that living so close to the border could be interesting. In November, a member of the Mission Border Patrol came down to the village to give a talk on border security. His personal opinion was that this was a dangerous place to live. Of course, his personal opinion did not sit well with the village and lot owners, but you could not fault his logic. There is definitely drug smuggling activity in the area as well as illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border. You see that in all of the Border Patrol activity, the constant air and ground patrols. The routes for both activities constantly change and the border patrol is always responding to the current route and forcing changes. The border fence is not continuous and the gaps in the fence are strategically placed to funnel traffic through specific areas that are easy to patrol and spot intruders.

IMG_1120 For example, the Palapa along the river, started to become a favorite transit point for drug smugglers to cross the river and transfer their cargo to trucks and drive out across the levee to the regular roads and highway. Once identified, the Border Patrol added a road gate that prevented access to the road along the top of the levee and the Palapa grounds. So the smugglers had to find a new transfer location. The down side to this, when there is an event planned for the Palapa, we have to request the gate be opened for a specific time period to allow access.


Retama Village is a walled/gated community that has a construction gate at the back of the village. There are a number of homes being built near the back of the village. The morning of February 18th, while approaching the construction gate for our walk with R&A, we noticed a large group of 10-15 joggers running along the bike path (that runs along the wall on the outside of the RV park) but then they suddenly cut across the road and started running across the field. Not joggers! Then a Border Patrol ATV came into view going into the field followed by a pickup truck. The pickup turned out to be a plain clothes canine unit, and then the ATV and the dog started herding the ‘joggers’ into a circle. As we got to the gate, we also noticed another Border Patrol ATV and SUV at the construction site, rounding up the people at the houses. Then Border Patrol SUV’s and a transport van started showing up and loading the ‘joggers’ into the van. There was a lot of activity during our walk, a patrol car driving slowly along the levee, inspecting the bushes and another plain clothes pickup driving along the road. All in all, an interesting morning walk as obviously a large group tried to ‘run the border’ at the same time. I guess their plan had been to cross the border at night and then hole up in the empty homes under construction until daylight and then start moving north.

The morning of February 23rd, another interesting morning. As we were walking along inside the RV park, a Border Patrol SUV pulled up and asked us if we had seen anyone running through the park. We hadn’t. As we got to the construction site in the park, we noticed a police car and Border Patrol SUV parked outside, escorting a couple of people from one of the empty houses. Then more cars pulled up. Turns out they pulled another 20 people from the house under construction.

According to the BP, once word gets back to Mexico that they are watching this route, they will move on and try somewhere else as a waypoint north.


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