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Well here we were back in the Rio Grande Valley and Misison Texas for the winter. One of the first items on the ‘To Do List’ was for Abby, a visit to the vet to get her stitches out and for us, a visit to the ophthalmologist to get our eyes fixed. Over time, scar tissue from our cataract surgery had slowing degraded our vision, but a few zaps with a laser, and we are both as good as new.

We knew we had some chores/problems to take care of and also wanted to see more of the local attractions. There were also some village activities that we wanted to participate in.

We arrived in Mission, back to a coach house full of ‘stuff’ that we had left here last spring, and on top of that, all of the ‘stuff’ that we had stored in Junction City back in September of 2011; and brought back with us to Texas when we passed through Junction City in September of 2012. The coach house was overflowing. We knew we could sell most of the small stuff at the Retama Winter Garage Sale. Lynn was ruthless in sorting our clothes and selecting unused clothes for sale. I surrendered and put up a couple my power tools that I had brought with me. That left some of the larger items, including the cargo carrier/bike rack that had been fixed up for us by the welders at New Horizons and our inflatable Avon and it’s 9 hp outboard.

IMG_1602With Christmas coming, it was time for the Hidalgo Festival of Lights, for a small town, a really big celebration. This year, the 22nd annual festival, there were 3,000,000 lights and 900 individual displays. We went with Linda and Bob, and between the four of us, got some spectacular pictures.




Palapa Cinderella Charity Event-Grill MastersTo say the least, RVers and dogs go together, as Robbie and Abby will attest to. One of the charities adopted by the residents of Retama Village is the Cinderella Pet Rescue in Mission. A number of residents volunteer their time at the shelter and there are several fund raisers over the winter to raise money. One of our favorites is the annual BBQ and raffle held at the riverside Palapa. A number of businesses donate prizes to be raffled off or donate food for the BBQ. All proceeds go towards the IMG_1666shelter. All pets are welcome and this year, a good time was had by almost all. We dare not take R & A, as Abby would have a nervous breakdown by not knowing who to chase first.
In October, our friends 5Bob and Linda (see First Winter) came home from Cinderella with a new family member, Niko.

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Last winter, Robbie and Abby became friends with a pair of Whippets, Klick and Gabe. This year, with our longer walks, we ran into them more often and sometimes walked together. This year, the four of them even had the chance to run together in the dog run.

The weather this winter was the polar opposite of last winter, and I mean that literally. Last winter, starting in February, it was hot and humid almost every day in the high 80s and 90s. You would wake up to 70 and humid and it just got worse during the day. This winter was totally different. There were a few hot spells in the 90’s and hitting 100, but there were more days with highs in the 60s and 70s, and lows down in the 40s. (For our Canadian friends and family, that translates into last year, every day about 26 to 32. This year, a few hot spells 32 to 38, but most days with highs between 15 and 21 and lows down about 5).

Last winter, I participated in the formation of Retama’s First Responder team, taking CPR/AED training at the local hospital. A second round of training was planned for December, to add more people to the team. Even though my certification was still good, I decided to retake the training to reenforce the skills.

2013 Mission to YellowstoneWe also spent a lot of time planning the upcoming travel season. Our first destination is the NHOGers 2013 Spring Rally in Kerrville TX, then Junction City to pickup a hydraulic hose. Then it is off to Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah and places in between. We plan on visiting a number of National Parks, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde; just to drop a few names.


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