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Regardless of whether your home is rooted in the ground or on wheels, you are constantly making changes.

IMG_1645IMG_1644One of my projects for this winter was to do something about the Jolly Green Giant Cupboard which sits over the food pantry. The door is 6 feet above the floor and it is 2 feet high and 2 feet deep, making it difficult to get into unless standing on the ladder or stairs, hence the name ‘Jolly Green Giant’. Last winter, I had put slide out trays in the lower linen cupboard shelves, to make it easier for Lynn to make use of the space, as opposed to me getting down on my knees every time to get/put stuff at the back of the lower shelves. So the solution to the JGG cupboard seemed to be a slide out tray that could hold the heavy weight of the stainless steel pots, slow cooker and food overflow bin, stuff that you needed only on the odd occasion. The result was a 2 level shelf slide out that provides easy access, without stretching or straining. I found some heavy weight full extension slides at the Home Depot.

IMG_1671Last winter, sun on the back windows gave the air conditioners a challenge, as the solar rays really heat up the living room. We had attached Reflectix foil to the inside of the windows, which really helped, but further reading on the subject revealed that the solution could cause problems of its own, heating up the rubber seals of the windows. A solution presented itself in the Class A’s on the street, which have sunscreens attached to the outside, over their front windows. A couple of vendors in the Don/Wes Flea Market provide sunscreens so a visit to the market, and presto, magic, we now have black sunscreens over the back living room windows. So far, it seems to be working as planned

As any RV’er will tell you, weight is always the issue. When we left last spring, we were under our Gross Combined Weight and by paring down what we travel with, we can keep under that weight, but the basement of the Majestic is up front, which means that everything in the basement translates directly to pin weight. A number of kitchen implements, blender, bread machine, food processor and stuff like that can always stay in Texas for use in our ‘winter’ kitchen. Also a number of power tools that I have that tend to get used for ‘winter’ projects would also stay in Texas. But that still leaves a lot of stuff to travel with us in the basement, especially traveling with tools for truck and RV maintenance. We had many discussions and research into solutions before coming to the inevitable conclusion that we needed a bigger truck.

IMG_0394IMG_04015Bob also had some home improvements in mind, a fenced area behind the coach house to enclose the air condition pump, water softener, hot water heater and propane tank. It took us the better part of the week to get it all constructed, but we prevailed. Linda was the main painter and Lynn supervised.


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